Monday, March 31, 2014

Jeffrey Yang

Jeffrey Yang is a standout poet that immediately caught my eye in the Zoland Poetry Journal here. His "Two Spanish Poems", part 'II. An Archaeology' is incredible. I especially want to highlight the excellent beginning and end.

I immediately thought of Thomas Wilmer Dewing's "A garden" painting in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Yang has a great Imagist sense, but really excels past that, and is able to bring emotion into it. Many in this style aren't strong in that area, but Yang has it. The language, endless glances of an almost time elapse of motion, and mood are all impeccable.

It begins:

onyx light
travertine, green
marble walls

And ends with:

a black cat reclines
on the rough white stone
sun, tail-
line of stone benches
M. and I sit, lean
hand in hand against
wall, sun-
blinds us with
reflecting white
parrot shapes
flap in the grassy distance 

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