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LitNav: The Literature Navigator for our Postmodern World

Art, literature, poetry and music are the icing on the cake of life. This blog showcases the best in everything, from the ancient world to the present. It's a culture lover's newsletter of all the highlights.

I like all kinds of music, especially opera, Bollywood and ambient stuff.

I love all kinds of poetry, in all styles. Here are some people I want to make special note of:

Jeffrey Allen [chapbook Bone and Diamond]
P.J. Gallo [chapbook Geirfuglasker]

After Pre-Modern times:
Marosa di Giorgio [1932-2004] from Uruguay, including The History of Violets
[a review, another review, another reviewanother translation of her work]

The Armenian poets: many on this site and here
Siamanto, aka Atom Yarjanian [1878-1915] from Armenia [here's some and here]
Nahabed Koutchak, late 1400s from Armenia [here's some]
Krikor Koutcharian, from Armenia [here's some]

Modern canon:
Burns, Blake, Keats [here], William Carlos Williams [here], Langston Hughes, Neruda [best book to buy is here], Plath, Amy Lowell, Ted Hughes

The French poets: Hugo [here], Char [some here], Baudelaire [here], Verlaine [here], Marot [here], Apollinaire [here],  Ronsard

The standouts in the deeper canon:
Felicia Hemans [here], George Marion McClellan [some here], A Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems trans. by Arthur Waley [here]

Old Canon:
T.S. Eliot ["The Waste Land"], Ezra Pound [some here], H.D., Shakespeare's sonnets [here], Alexander Pope's take on the Iliad [here], Shelley [here], Petrarch's sonnets, Spenser [here], Sappho [here]

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